About Us

We are parents to 5 rescue Chinchillas, all from the same family, and kept in two separate groups of the same gender. 

We started My Chinchilla as we enjoy making our own ledges and houses for our Chinchillas, and would love other Chinnys to be able enjoy our products. We take every step to ensure that all of our products are of high quality and are 100% safe. 

We will regularly be adding new products and expanding our range of items for sale.

Our Team


Dad &
Chief Treat Taster

Living with my hyperactive young son is enough to drive anyone to drink. Unfortunately, my hooman only gives me water. Therefore I have to console myself with food and treats. You can't beat scoffing some tasty forage whilst watching a good game of footy on TV.


Mum &
Toy Tester

As a busy mother to two young Chinchilla children, I like to avoid expensive visits to the Chinny vet by ensuring that all of their toys are safe and suitable for them to play with. Therefore I rigorously test all their toys before I allow the children to get their little paws on them.


Son &
Fitness Expert

I like to keep fit and maintain my fluffy six-pack by regularly zooming around and leaping off every wall, ledge, house, or hooman that gets in my way.  I also enjoy scaring my hoomans by planning and attempting little escapes at every opportunity,


Daughter &
Chewability Checker

As a social media addict, I like to take and post a zillion selfies a day for my fans on Chinstagram. Therefore I ensure that my beautiful smile stays beautiful by looking after my teeth and chewing everything in sight as much as I can, day and night!. 


Grandma &
Relaxation Guru

Now that I am in my twilight years, I enjoy nothing more than chilling out and snoozing in a quiet little house, or high up on a ledge away from the hustle and bustle of my family. I also enjoy a long leisurely soak in the sand bath a few times a week, it is the secret to my beautiful wrinkle free skin.



In between clearing up after our little monsters and hoovering up a billion poops a day, we think we are the ones that do the hard work. Designing and making new items for our fluffy customers, working away in the workshop making products, and packing and posting the orders to our amazing customers!