The beginning of My Chinchilla

During the lockdown of early 2021 we become the parents to five chinchillas. We were totally new to chinchillas, having previously owned cats and rabbits. We did a mountain of research, and soon found out that there was a lot to learn and that caring for these little fluffballs is a lot more complicated and restrictive than other animals. We bought a load of supplies and set about getting their cages organised.

Our five chinchillas are all from the same family. They are kept in two separate groups with father and son in one cage and grandma, mum and daughter housed separately.

During the first lockdown of 2020 I went from working full time to part time and started to look for other ways to supplement my income, this is where the idea for My Chinchilla came from. We have worked hard to source the best products and have started to make our own wooden products including ledges, houses, and toys. This has also been a huge learning curve for us, but it is something that we really enjoy doing. All of our hand made wooden products are constructed using kiln-dried pine with pine dowels and come with supplied with cage fittings.

We also decided to also stock a range of accessories including food, toys and treats. We will be constantly expanding our range and are excited to get this new venture launched. Our online store will be launched in July and we will also be selling our hand made products on Etsy.